• Easy as pie! There are many articles out there on the internet about setting up a MongoDB replica set. There is a great tutorial here made by MongoDB as well. However, I found most of those explanations to be too complicatedfor me, or that they work only locally (inside docker). They are good as an
  • Why am I writing down that we like our free users – even if they do not pay money for using Tabidoo? Do you think that I am writing it down just because I am professional and I am expected to say so? Or do you think that it is
  • SHell is my personal expression for S-preadsheet HELL. I have seen it many times, yet it still surprises me again and again.   Every company needs to keep some kind of specialized records, starting from simple entities such as employees, cars, contracts and ending with more complicated items like large
  • The argument around security and privacy issues in the cloud still comes up often. Of course we receive that question very often. So here is our point of view. In most offices, a locked door is the main defense to protect your server. And don’t believe that a password in the OS is a
  • Few months ago I started to work for a huge company. That’s not like us. This is a worldwide well known company. They use a software for internal communication, a service for source code, and many others – all of them in a free version. I have to say –
  • Do you share excel files? Are you satisfied with complexity and options excel gives you.   Well. You don’t need to continue reading. For most of the people it is too complicated to share an excel file. For a lot of people it is really annoying to register and receive