• Data type “Currency”
  • Data type “E-mail/Telephone”
  • Data type “User”
  • Record copying
  • Creating a copy of an application / schema
  • Active widget – grid filtering
  • Editing records directly in the grid

Coming soon to Tabidoo

Delete demo data

Modal Edit form




We have added Fulltext search into Tabidoo. Simply write what you are looking for and that’s it…

The advanced filters of course still remain available to you.

Tabidoo Fulltext

Addition of a new record to the list of values

Are you missing a record in the list of values and you have to add this record to a different schema because of this?

This no longer applies! From now on, you may add new entries directly in the list of values by clicking on the “plus”.

Tabidoo Lookup - Add New Record

Fulltext in the list of values

We have added Fulltext search to the list of values. This way, you can simply find the record you need.

Tabidoo Lookup - Fulltext

New data element – “Computed field”

Do you need to automatically sum the values of two columns? Now it is no problem!

The new “Count field” data type will make this easier for you. In the schema definition, pick the item type “Counted field” and select which columns are to be calculated.

You can choose from basic mathematical operators (+ – * /). The result can be a number or a text. The search in the grid then behaves accordingly.

Tabidoo - Computed Fields

Fixed filter for the list of values in the definition

This is a useful thing when you need the list of values to display only certain data in the form.

Set the filter of the list of values in the schema definition.

For example, to display only active records (according to the ticked Active value), unpaid invoices, or shipped orders.

Tabidoo - Lookup Fixed Where


Data type “Tag”

You can now tag your data. This way you can keep a better track of it.

Combining filter conditions with the and/or operator

When filtering multiple items, you may now choose whether you wish to restrict the data with the “and” or “or” operator.

Tabidoo - Filter Conditions

Notifications – Webhook

We are extending the notifications with Webhook!!

Pictures in reports

Print out your reports including the images. This way, your reports will get a completely different style 🙂


Disconnecting downloaded applications from the Marketplace source

Individual schemas of downloaded applications can be disconnected from the source Marketplace application. You can thus change the data types of your schemas.

Tabidoo Disconnect Item From The Marketplace source


Active URL link

New data type. The application will display the URL in the grid as an active link which will be opened by a simple click.

Data usage statistics

Statistics of the used data will be well arranged and available in the user profile.

Tabidoo speaks Italian

Tabidoo is now completely in Italian.



Even though users are the ones responsible for the data in Tabidoo, we will make it easier for you to implement the GDPR.

If you store user-sensitive data, which is meant to be easily deleted, you can use the GDPR feature in Tabidoo. Learn more about this in our help.

“Invite” button

Application sharing is now very simple. You can click the “Invite” button in the header of each application. Then, all you need to do is to enter the e-mail address of the users with whom you want to share the application. You will set up appropriate roles for them and after saving these settings, the users will receive an e-mail invitation. Invite your colleagues, share data and collaborate effectively.


Data type – Checkbox list (Dynamic checklist lists)

A useful data element which allows you to dynamically add check values to a form.

This will create a list of tasks which can be then ticked off as you carry them out. You can also view what percentage of the task is finished.

iCal – Notifications

Along with a notification, iCal is sent in order to view the event in the calendar.

Tabidoo speaks French

Tabidoo is now completely in French.


New Tabidoo API. Easy integration with third-party applications. Connect Tabidoo to Integromat or Zapier. You can read more about API here.


Calendar – another way to view data

Do you plan meetings? Do you have fixed deadlines? In the definition of a schema, you may set which date item in the calendar indicates date from and which one indicates date to. You will then see all the data organized in the calendar.

Widgets – dynamic filtering

Widget values can be dynamically filtered based on the values entered in the filters of the grid.

Default order of Widget data

Data can be sorted from the highest or the lowest value.

Doollo cards

An application in “Trello style”. This application is particularly designed for the users who import Trello json files. The application is available to download from the Marketplace.

Import of a Trello file (json)

You may simply import json Trello. We enabled simple migration of data from Trello to Tabidoo.


Addition of avatars to discussions

Discussions were made more organized. Next to each post will now appear the user’s avatar from their profile.

List of applications – differentiation of shared applications

Each shared application is identified by the user who shared it. This information can be found in the list of applications of each shared application in the top-left corner.


Dashboard & Widgets

Create a dashboard with widgets on it. The most important data will be well organized and close at hand. Learn more about widgets settings here.

New color palette

We created a new color palette for applications, schemas and stickers.


Tabidoo HELP

All the essential information can be now found in the Help.

Display of reports in the schema menu

Create your own reports. In the schema, you may then display a button to print it. As a user, you will thus immediately know what you are printing.

Multilingual applications

Applications and schemas can be created in multiple languages. We support these languages: English, French, Czech.


Link to documents – application extension

The “Document Link” Extension, which you may download from the Marketplace, helps you organize your documents in one place. The user can then access these documents via a link in the header of the application.

Notifications – recipients such as To / Cc / Bcc

Set whether the notification recipients are displayed in the box To / Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy.


Multiselect of records in the grid + delete

Select multiple records in the grid and simply delete them. It is possible to only delete items this way, not edit them.

Relative date of the date element

Data filtering is now much easier. The date element allows you to filter items by relative date. Today / current week / current month. When you shift the relative date by a certain value, you indicate that you want to display, for instance, the data from the last week or data from the last three months.

Automatic Javascript Validation

We automatically validate the written Javascript code. This way, it is impossible for the application to evaluate the code as wrong when it is being used. E.g. in notifications, in advanced schema settings, and so on.


Autosave of column width and order

Shuffle the order of the columns in your grid exactly as you need it.

New icons for applications / schemas

We added new icons for schemas and applications. This way it is easier for you to recognize at glance what is the purpose of the schema or the application.

Card view – selection of items

Choose which items you want to display on the card. This selection will be reflected on all the cards.


Quick application guide. You may turn it on or off in the user menu.

Notification sending – recipients

In the notification settings, you can now choose who will receive notifications about changes:


  • the user who created the record
  • the author of the last change
  • the author of the previous change
  • all the users in the record history
  • all the users from the register of users (application extension)


You can also simply enable / disable the application, meaning you do not have to delete it anymore.

Application Helpdesk

Another application which is available for free use in our Marketplace. Are you missing some items here? Simply add them or send us an e-mail and we will edit the application for you.

Task Scheduler

Along with the NOTIFICATIONS extension, you can also download the Task Scheduler from the Marketplace. It will, for example, allow you to regularly send reports within a specified time period.

Notifications – new application extensions

New extension to download from the Marketplace and add to the application NOTIFICATIONS. Inform Tabidoo users about data changes.

Create a custom data source for reports

From the Marketplace, you can download an extension called “Data Source for Reports”. This extension allows you to create your own database queries in a graphical interface. This allows you to combine data from multiple schemas into one data source and then use it in a report.


Display data as cards (Card view)

You can now view data organized not only in the grid, but also as flashcards. Utilize this, for instance, in the application Task management and display data as Kanban board. Views can be switched on the right side above the grid.

Fixed where condition in Reports

When creating a user report, you can set a fixed “where” condition in order to restrict selected data. You can thus create a report in which you can display, for example, received invoices with a sum larger than 10,000 USD.

Sticker Icons

Distinguish selected values in the grid using colors and icons, thanks to the enhancement of data elements Dropdown and Multichoice. You may add any icon and color to each value in these elements. Everything can be set in the schema definition.

New control elements Dropdown and Multichoice

These new control elements will make it easier for you to create forms. In the data element Dropdown, you can define any values for a selection. One of these values can then be selected. The data element Multichoice works on a similar principle. The difference is that you may select more of the values that are being offered.

Fleet Management application

We have created Fleet Management application for you, which you can download for free from our Marketplace.

Adjustment of the image size in the grid

In the schema definition – data type, you may set the image preview and its size. The image will be displayed as a small/large circle, square or in its original proportions.