Keep your data organized
Tabidoo is a simple online evidence system that helps you organize your data.
Tabidoo – Online Data Application System

Tabidoo is a simple evidence system system that helps you organize your data.
There is no need for back programming skills.
Each data application can be defined within minutes.
You gain full control over your data that you can share with your colleagues.
It’s FREE.

Save Your Time

All data in one place - in Tabidoo

Collaborate and Grow

Your Applications will grow with your business


Personalize your applications according to your data

Features Free
Cloud - automatically shared / access from anywhere
Unlimited traffic
Application sharing
Excel integration
Fully responsive
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Using our application without any programming skills? No problem.


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What is it good for?

Sometimes you need to share your data in a custom applications and excel is not the right choice for you. Luckily, Tabidoo is here to help you. Insert your data into a custom application, which you design according to your needs, and instantly share it with friends or colleagues.

Is it really free?

Yes, Tabidoo is completely free. Although the amount of data is limited, it is fully sufficient for personal use. See our pricing plan for more information.

Excel support

In Tabidoo you can create a schema directly from an excel file. Import your data using rich custom features and seamlessly export it into an excel file whenever you choose.

Access data from external system

If you need to use your data on your website, simply upload it to other systems. You can publish any data that you have created in XML format and then access it through https.

Print support

Yes, of course. In Tabidoo users can define their own custom reports.


Tabidoo users can upload their application into our Marketplace. They can also use Marketplace to download ready-made applications (for example our Audit system schema) and start using them right away.


We treat your data with the utmost secrecy and confidentiality. It is protected and encrypted with the latest technology and backed up daily.

User rights

Default settings of Tabidoo allow you to easily add users; via the admin/read, write/read-only access. Alternatively, you can use the advanced user right management (ARM) and set up access for each property of the schema. You will thus gain a very advanced administration of access rights for the application users.
Furthermore, future data based on users and its properties.

Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!
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