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Why CRM?

CRM in Tabidoo will be your right hand for managing business of your company. It will help you organize orders so you can fully focus on the business and your work. The system will monitor your contacts, customers and the status of individual projects. Try it out for yourself.

Keeping track of important dates
Secure access control for your data
Complete history of data changes
One platform, unlimited possibilities of use

What you can do
with CRM Tabidoo

Overview of companies

Tabidoo allows you to keep recordsi of your business partners. Both your existing customers and potential future partners.

Overview of orders

You will never get lost again in your orders and you will have them under control. Sort orders according to any criteria, such as current status or value.

Business opportunities

Registering and managing business opportunities is especially crucial for efficient business. This way, your company will be receiving a continuous and controlled flow of orders.

Project management

Project management is an issue addressed by every company. With Tabidoo, you can use a single tool instead of ten different applications.

Contact management

Contacts are essential for any business. In Tabidoo, you can assign contacts to individual companies and share them with selected team members.

Business meetings

Every meeting has a result, whether it is a record or a signed contract. With smart records, you will have this information at your disposal.

Order management

You can finally process orders systematically. You will immediately see the status of your orders and who manages them.

Received invoices

Records of received invoices are important for monitoring cash flow and, of course, maintaining good relationships with suppliers. Tabidoo will help you approve received invoices and your accountant will always have them at hand.

Issued invoices

Tabidoo records issued invoices and monitors their due date. You will see right away who is late and who is a reliable payer.

Keeping track of important dates

A business partner's birthday, order end or invoice due date? For Tabidoo, keeping track of important dates is a piece of cake. The system will always notify you of due dates in good time.

Who is already using the Digital Company

By choosing a solution built on top of Tabidoo, we gained control over the daily extraction of data from over five hundred pharmacies.

Česká Lékarna Holding, a.s.

Working remotely - at the home office can be a problem if you do not have data access resolved. And that's what we have - thanks to Tabidoo.

CEO & CO - Founder, Miomove

Incredibly simple. Very flexible.
A great replacement for several systems and google sheets.

CEO, Hanak Centrum s.r.o.

EASY to use, packed with features

All features for all users.
Even in a Free plan.

Explore features

Data Audit

Tabidoo records all data changes. You have a powerful tool in your hands that monitors changes of each record.


User roles

From simple read-only access for all data to complex user rights for every single item.



Powerful report designer. Load data from grid, defined data query, API … Export to pdf, word, excel.



Tabidoo speaks English, French, Italian, Czech…


Dashboards / widgets

Widgets will help you make your data clear and all your important information can be displayed at one place.



Be notified about every data change or coming date by email. Conditional notification also available.


GDPR ready

With Tabidoo you can easily find/print/anonymize/delete all sensitive data in your application.


API / Integration

Modern API, integration via Zapier and Make (Integromat).


Always up to date

Tabidoo is running on the best technology stack. So you are.

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What is CRM
and what is
a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Magagement

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. We work with our customers on a continuous basis. Therefore, it is good to have all the data in one place so that every business case is duly recorded. The operation of the CRM system can significantly improve your work and facilitate business relationships. Simply put, CRM is the process of working with customers, while a CRM system is a tool that helps you in this process.

Available from anywhere

The CRM system will ensure order in your data, that you can access online. This means that you will have them available even on a business trip. For example, it helps you plan customer service and reminds you to contact the customer.

A valuable partner

With the CRM system in Tabidoo, you get a valuable partner that allows you to easily adjust your business strategy according to the priorities that your business needs. All data is clearly arranged so you can generate reports and analyses in just a few clicks.

Several tools at once

Tabidoo does the work of several tools at once to allow you to manage orders or projects more efficiently. You don't have to start another application for every different activity. You will have everything in one place. Get rid of chaos in data in Excel spreadsheets, company repositories and content in other tools.

Why is it good to use
a CRM system?

Get a head start

If you want to get ahead in business cases, you need to record every single one. Every good businessman must work with information about the client, their company and individual orders. If you store this data in a paper diary, Excel spreadsheet, on various repositories or in several different applications, you can easily get into a situation where you miss a piece of crucial information, forget to reach out to a customer or even lose a deal.

Keep track of this information

Luckily, CRM systems are here for you to keep track of this information. By proper record-keeping, you will not only speed up your business processes, but also leave an impression of an experienced professional who knows all the details and deadlines.

And much more

CRM gives you the ability to better sell specific solutions to customer problems. And last but not least, it will enable you to market product innovations on time and thus offer a wider range of products and services to your customers.

CRM for everyone

The CRM system in Tabidoo facilitates the work of project managers, customer support and the entire sales department. Try it out for yourself.

It's free!

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